Fresh Fruits

Fruits are a significant source of vitamins, minerals, and various other essential nutrients that meet the nutritional needs of various parts of the body. At Silver Tree Agro Tech Pvt. Ltd we procure different types of fresh fruits from farmers across the nation. We export various fruits such as apples, mangoes, bananas, grapes, watermelon, pomegranate, orange, and kiwi fruits. Our network resources ensure the fruits reach us on time and safely.

Leading Fruit Exporters in India

We are one of the leading fruit exporters in India with years of experience and expertise across the export segment. We take care of every aspect of exports, such as local procurement, storage, export documentation, administration, compliance, and shipping of the consignment. We maintain warehouses that help us store fruits safely at the right room temperature and conditions to ensure increased shelf life and safety of the fruits.

Partner with the Fruit Export Experts!

At Silver Tree Agro Tech Pvt. Ltd we respect the trust our customers show in us. Accordingly, and to ensure our consignments reach on time and safely, we partner with only reliable international transport service providers, right from our doorstep until yours. As a result, with us, you do not have to worry about your order. We ensure we deliver it to you within the stipulated time frame.

Why Choose Silver Tree Agro Tech Pvt. Ltd?

1. Wide range of fruits

2. Several successful deliveries

3. Global export coverage

4. End-to-end export assistance

5. On-time export deliveries

So, if you need fruits in the country of your residence, or want to export fruits to a particular country from India, partner with us, and we wouldn’t’ disappoint! For details, or for a quick fruit export quote, call us at +91 – 9549584898 and our experts will be glad to assist you.