Vegetable Exports

Vegetables provide essential nutrients that help to maintain a healthy body, mind, and soul. While a lot of them strengthen the immune system, many directly benefit various parts of the body. In a nutshell, vegetables are a significant part of a healthy and balanced diet. At Silver Tree Agro Tech Pvt. Ltd, we understand the significance of and demand for vegetables. Accordingly, we export the best-quality and fresh vegetables to many countries worldwide.

Our Experience and Expertise

Silver Tree Agro is one of the leading and continuously growing and evolving vegetable exporters in India. We do not limit ourselves to a particular region but have built an extensive network that helps us partner with farmers across the country and procures farm-fresh vegetables. We’ve been exporting vegetables to fulfill the vegetable needs of fast-food chains, restaurants, hotels, and individuals across the globe.

Our array of vegetables includes Indian and exotic vegetables to serve the diverse needs of our clientele. We deal in exporting various types of vegetables such as leafy green, marrow, cruciferous, allium, root, etc.

Our Warehouses

We have well-maintained warehouses across various ports of the country to keep the vegetables fresh. We store them at the right temperature and maintain high hygiene levels to ensure the vegetables do not rot and lose their nutritional value. Our teams resonate with our objective to provide the best-quality vegetables to our customers abroad and, accordingly, ensure they do what it takes to keep the vegetables naturally safe.

Our Logistic Partners

We partner with only the leading and trustworthy logistic providers worldwide that help us in our endeavor to deliver our orders safely at the destination port. Additionally, they help us deliver consignments on time to the required city anywhere across six continents.

Why Choose Silver Tree Agro Tech Pvt. Ltd?

1. Comprehensive range of Indian and exotic vegetables
2. Experience of delivering several orders successfully
3. Worldwide vegetable exports
4. End-to-end export assistance
5. On-time export deliveries

We Redefine Trustworthiness!

Silver Tree Agro Tech Pvt. Ltd is a name synonymous with trust. So, whether you are an individual importer or an institutional one, partner with Silver Agro Pvt. Ltd and get top-quality vegetables delivered to your doorstep! For more details, or to book an export order with us, call us at +91 – 9549584898.